Born in Manchester with Italian dna as well  , Tea One also know as TONE is a writer, visual artist , illustrator , a creative mind inspired by Architecture and Music. In this new Analog Interview we will discover more about his art through his vision and experience. As always Nootempo wants to build connections and focus on the independent culture and art in order “to build bridge and not walls”.
N: Present yourself
Tea one, more often written as TONE, using spray paint for the last 20 years or so but often seen with a brush or pencil depending on what takes my fancy. Im originally from Manchester, my mothers side of the family moved here from Italy after the war. The south of Italy was facing extreme poverty and Manchester seemed to be a good decision, god knows why… ha!
N: Writing, Art and street culture in Uk 
Phew thats a big topic for discussion! In regards to graffiti, yes there are a lot of good writers dotted all over the UK. I fall in and out of love with graffiti. Like most artists, I go through a creative dry spell or I’m sick of seeing the same things reproduced over and over again but then something comes along and re-ignites the inspiration and i inevitably jump back into the race.
N: Do you consider yourself an artist? (of course you are) If yes explain us why
Yes, the term artist is a loose one. Its a bit like saying your in the medical profession- you could be a hospital porter or a surgeon. I think the boundaries of what artists do has expanded to a point where it doesn’t adequetly describe what you produce. Even the term visual artist is vague. I suppose if you apply a creative process to what you do and you have concepts or a particular vision behind your work then your an artist of sorts.
N: What inspires you during your creative process

Architecture is a constant source of inspiration, as well as music of course! Painting, sculpture and print all inspire on a daily basis. Films too, good cinematography will often have me reaching for the sketch book. If I’m drawing or painting I like to have some music on, some hiphop or something with a good beat. It mostly depends on what I’m drawing at the time, something that syncs with your current mood and mindset. Drawing is mostly about visualising what it is you want to create, so immersing yourself in music which echoes those characteristics is a great help and invaluable tool.

N: 5 Artists you can’t forget
Bernini at Villa Borghesi, just incredible. Caravaggio obviously, Anthony Caro, Calder, Tony Weare. Too many to name but there are 5. Graffiti wise- Phase 2, anything by Ghetto Farceur, Infamous last words crew, Dondi obviously, Dais again there are too many.
N: Where we can find you on internet? (And where we can see your artwork?) (social media, website etc)
I currently have drawings on display in the Harris Art Gallery & Museum, in Preston until mid November
mrteaone on instagram
N: Present projects
I am currently working on a side project which focuses on mapping cycling through the city but its still early days and I haven’t decided on the outcome. Besides that I am working on a few separate illustrations for a couple of people. Pretty relaxed at the moment.
N: A story, an experience, or a journey. (Could be almost everything about your life or your Art…)
Many years ago i joined a friend on a field trip near the Matterhorn in Switzerland, once he had finished his project we decided we would race each other to Chamonix, he was going to go by public transport, i was gonna get there by hitching cos i was broke. I thought i would easily beat him even though i was loaded down with a monstrous rucksack, skateboard, tent etc. So we set off and arranged to meet in Chamonix train station. I caught a few lifts and was making my way through Switzerland when i was dropped at the far edge of a town and to get a lift out i need to be at the other side. So I decided the best way to do this was to skate down this long hill, time was of the essence.Obviously i picked up serious speed, hit a stone and the shear bulk of what i was carrying pummelled me into the ground, cut my head, elbows, knees etc. I looked like i had been in a fight. I was gutted, i knew i wouldn’t get a ride looking the way i did.I faced the fact i might have to use the last of my cash to get a train and concede defeat, when a nurse pulled up in a car and offered me a ride and to clean up my cuts. I was saved! The next ride took me to Chamonix in a convertible VW with the top down. I arrived in style and about 10 minutes before my friends train rolled in. He looked at me and thought i had been in an accident. I Love Europe.

N: Promote and say goodbye in your own style

Thank you Nootempo for stopping by and saying hello. Ciao, see you on the other side of the hill.